The 2013 All Cal

Copper Mountain, Colorado

December 14-21, 2013

Last year’s All Cal to Big Sky, MT was awesome, but we’re ready to top it this year by heading back to Colorado. Copper Mountain is definitely up to the challenge of making this All Cal one of the best!

Ever dreamed of taking over a whole mountain village? Well, that's what's going down this December when we head to Copper Mountain. We know close proximity to the mountain is a huge necessity for trip participants, as is avoiding distant separation of the respective schools. All of the participants will be steps away from 126 chairs, 2,465 skiable acres, and dont forget tubing! Copper Mountain is one of Colorado’s largest resorts with runs for everyone. Want to take the long way home? Copper’s got a run almost 3 miles long. Want to get away from everyone? Spread out over Copper’s three different base camps, East, Center, and West Villages. There are plenty of beginner and intermediate runs for beginners, so don’t be hesitant due to skill level. There are also 3 bowls and a ton of blacks and double blacks for those of you looking to ski some intense lines (a.k.a. rip the $h!t out of this mountain). Whatever you want, Copper’s got it and if they don’t, I’m sure we here on committee can help you out ;)

As part of our village take over, we'll also be mere feet away from on-mountain grocery stores, ice skating rinks, and even a post office. That way you can send all your friends that didn't have the courage to come post cards rubbing it in their faces! Just kidding. Kind of. Did we mention that copper has on mountain bars? Yeah, a bunch of them. That means you can take your alcohol in a to go container. Get ready for an epic pub crawl! Hell, what am I saying? Get ready for an EPIC ALL CAL 2013!!!

The All Cal is the largest student run ski and snowboard trip in the US. Every year, hundreds of students from the University of California colleges converge on one of North America's premier resorts for a week of skiing, snowboarding, parties and events. Aside from being an amazing trip, the All Cal is also a competition between the various schools, with several on and off mountain events. The winning school takes home the coveted All Cal Cup. If you have never been on All Cal and want to know more about the events that take place, make sure to check the "About the Trip" page listed above. There you will find details of all the events and competitions that go on during this week long trip.

We understand that the typical college student does not have much money, so we stop at nothing to give you the best possible trip for the least amount possible. This same trip would easily be double, even triple, the All Cal price. On top of that, every condo unit has a full kitchen so you can buy food from the market and save a few extra bucks, maybe for the bar.