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How the All Cal operates

First things first... the All Cal is entirely student run. That's important to note because that means we're planning the trip on behalf of our friends and we're not making money. We plan the best possible trip we can for our fellow club members. That's a far, far cry from many of the other large ski/board trips you may have come across in the past.

The All Cal Committee actually runs the trip - comprised of two officers (usually President and Vice President) from each ski/snowboard club participating: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and San Diego. These 16 club officers, along with two All Cal directors (voted from the previous year's Committee) perform the following functions:

  • In January the All Cal Committee meets to elect the Directors and listen to proposals from various tour operators who will coordinate the trip and negotiate on our behalf, and hold a vote to award one a one-year contract to the winning tour operator.

  • In February we meet again to evaluate potential resorts for the next All Cal. This year we considered thirteen resorts in all.

  • At the same meeting we 'shortlist' the potential resorts to a group of three based on estimated cost, lodging facilities, historical snowfall, etc. This year's contenders were Jackson Hole, Whitefish and Big Sky.

  • In late March the eighteen of us take a five-night tour during which time we visit all three resorts that made the 'shortlist'. We sleep in the condos the All Cal will stay in, we ski/board the slopes our club members will be on, and we party in the towns the All Cal'ers will be at. Details are seen on this trip: we go on property tours, we look at party and event locations and address any concerns with the resort reps on-hand.

  • Following the tour of resorts, we hold yet another meeting to decide the host resort for the next All Cal. It's a decision that is not taken lightly. We consider everything from the quality of lodging, the expenses participants are likely to see after arriving at the resort, the cost of the trip... and so on. Each club gets one vote and, despite a truly impressive product offered by Whitefish and Jackson Hole, we were unanimous in our decision for the even more impressive Big Sky package.

It's a great deal of work coordinating the All Cal, but the majority of it is very fun as well. If the description above sounds appealing to you we'd encourage you to speak with your campus' club to see about a staff spot on the club. In time you may find yourself as a decision maker in the All Cal's location - and hopefully find an All Cal option as exciting as this year's!