Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

If you have additional questions, please contact a club officer.

General Questions

I'm not much of a partier. Will I still have a good time? Honestly, yes. We certainly highlight the party atmosphere, but in the end it is a ski/board trip. A good 30%-40% of participants are on the slopes from open 'til last lift, and take it fairly easy at night to prep for the next day. Even if you don't take advantage of all the events and parties, it's still a great deal. I don't know anyone on going on the trip. OK, that's not a question... more of a statement. However, safe to say you'll be in good company. A fair number of All Cal'ers attend solo, and by the time you're done with two 18-22 hour bus rides and a week in a condo with 5-7 other people, you definitely will know people - and likely have new friends when you're done. You may even meet your soulmate. (OK, you probably won't meet your soulmate). Is this like (so and so student board trip) I see fliers for? No, no, NO. With all due respect to those other trips, this is something quite different. The All Cal is planned by students (club leaders) through a lengthy process that includes representatives from each club evaluating multiple resorts and lodging in person to find exactly what's best for the six participating ski/board clubs. See the History page for more details. By contrast, the other trips are planned by companies based solely on what they believe will sell best (not what is best), then they grab some cast member from MTV's Road Rules or similar and a C-list band to make the trip seem cool. And you end up paying extra for some reality-tv hack and band you barely heard of to attend. The All Cal is, by no means, similar to those other trips. And we book local bands and DJs. And we like them.

Lodging Questions

How are roommates paired? We pair it ourselves. If you have people you're with, you'll be in the same condo. If there's a group of 6 or 8 of you, odds are you'll have your own condo - otherwise we pair groups and singles into blocks of 6 and 8. Everyone gets their own bed space, but that may be one side of a queen bed. If you're petrified about sharing a bed with someone, let a club leader know when you sign-up so we can plan accordingly. No big deal. Can I cook on the trip, to save some money? Definitely! These are full condos, complete with range, stove, full-size fridge/freezer, microwave, plates, utensils, etc. Most of us cook our meals (though we also have a few meals out at the restaurants)

Skiing / Boarding Questions

I've never skiied/boarded before. Will I fit in? Yup. There will be a bunch of people just like you. Can I rent equipment? Yup. We'll have discounted rental packages available. If you have additional questions, please contact a club officer.